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Flags & Flag Poles

Mid-America Sports Advantage offers quality flags and flag poles for baseball fields and other venues at economical prices. Choose from polyester or heavier weight nylon flags in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Each flag pole is made from heavy, wall-spun aluminum and is fully anodized for long-lasting use.

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These flag poles are made to withstand harsh weather without compromising their structural integrity. Regardless of if you raise and lower the standard once a month or every day, the quality construction of the post and its components ensures a long lifespan before replacement.

In order to make it easy for you, Mid-America Sports Advantage is happy to offer three different sizes. You can choose from an 18 foot, 20 foot or 30-foot structure. When choosing your height, keep in mind that different posts offer different base structures. The 18-foot rod comes with a fixed base, meaning the bottom mounts directly into concrete footings. No other hardware is needed.

When you get to the 20-foot bases, your choice becomes a fixed base or a bolted base, where the bottom is concreted into the ground and then bolts are used to keep it in place. Finally, the 30-foot choice comes in a swing base where a hinged base is concreted into the ground, and then the rod is bolted into place. No matter which base you choose, rest assured that it will come with everything you need to proudly display any standard that you want to show off.

All of our flag poles for baseball fields and other venues are shipped ready to install. Installation is quick and easy, eliminating any worry you may have gotten something too large secured into place. Once your post is standing securely in all its glory, pick the perfect flag and confidently boost it to its new home high above the field. Flags sold separately. Whether you fly your country’s colors, your team’s pennant, or any banner that you want to display, Mid-America Sports Advantage has the right options for you.