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About Us

Who is MASA?

MASA, which is short for Mid America Sports Advantage, is a sporting goods supplier located in Jasper, IN. We specialize in sports equipment, strength training, and field maintenance. We carry equipment for baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, track and field, and volleyball to name a few. We partner with over sixty sporting brands to provide our customers with a cohesive solution for indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, sports venues, schools and higher education campuses. 


What's MASA's Story?

Many people ask how we started and got where we are today.  So here's our story...

It all started in a restaurant called The Heritage Inn. A smorgasbord owned and operated by Mike Schmitt, Sr. Mike designed and built The Heritage Inn in 1972 and operated it for 20 years. During that time he purchased stock in a new company that produced filler material from calcium carbonate and clay. He was asked if he would be interested in selling the calcium carbonate for ball field chalk. Without any hesitation, he said yes. Instantly Mike became part of the sports field maintenance business...and with only one product: the marking chalk known today as Pure Line.

During the first ten years Mike operated MASA out of the office of The Heritage Inn and rented warehouse space.Then in 1992 the opportunity came to sell the restaurant. He immediately began planning his new building and within the year the MASA offices and warehouse were ready. 

In 1993, his daughter, Denise joined the team and his son, Mike Jr. followed a year later. With their help, what began as a one page flyer containing only one product, has grown to a full color catalog with thousands of items for your field maintenance and sports training needs.

Since the company started in 1983, our offices and warehouse have expanded to six times their original size.

Mike Sr. was once told that he was a very lucky guy. Ask Mike and he will tell you that is not the case. He believes that everyone's life exposes them to opportunities. Opportunities that can arise from discussions with friends and associates, by simply seeing a need and filling it, or perhaps by being in the right place at the right time when an opportunity presents itself. From there, one must recognize it as an opportunity and work hard to achieve their vision. As Mike will tell you, "Forget about luck, people make their own luck with hard work and determination." 

At MASA we're still working hard to earn the trust of our customers. In the fast food mentality of today's society, we still believe in old-fashioned values. 

We thank you for your support & look forward to a continued business relationship.

Mike Schmitt, Sr. and the staff at MASA.