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Strengthening the Posterior Chain

Strengthening the Posterior Chain



The posterior chain is a term used for a group of muscles along the back side of the body. People tend to work the anterior (front) muscle groups such as the core and biceps. Yet, to make the body balanced the posterior chain needs to be a focal point during workouts. Many trainers say the posterior chain needs to be worked as much as three times more than the anterior. Click here to view examples of excercises that target these back muscles. Incorporate them into your daily workout routine to improve the quality of daily activities.

Infield Maintenance: Dragging Infield Skin



More than two-thirds of a ball game is played in the infield, and therefore proper infield skin care is one of the most important parts of baseball field maintenance. You can reduce compaction, keep dust down, and level the playing surface by following a regular maintenance routine. Choosing the right equipment for the job at hand and maintaining the proper moisture level will help you achieve a sharp looking, safe playing surface.

How To Approach Off-Season Workouts

Off Season Workout

With the winter months and off-season workouts in full swing, I thought I would share with you once again how another MASA customer approaches this valuable time. As many of you know, the off-season is just as important, if not more important, than the season. During the season you don’t have the time to commit to speed and conditioning drills that gives you the competitive edge over those that don’t take the off-season seriously.

Retire Your Field Properly For The Season



With the threat of autumn just around the corner, preparing to retire your baseball or softball field for the season is most likely at the top of your end of season to-do list. Given the amount of time and effort spent on the field in season, getting your field ready for its ‘off season’ often gets overlooked. Let’s discuss some basic steps to ensure that your field will be ready to go for that first pitch in the spring.

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